The World

The original map of Pangaea, where all continents were together. Going back to Gondwanaland. The picture of the world before the shifting of the earth’s plates by the continental drift. The Colorful Rainbow cock commonly found throughout Asian subcontinent, Africa and Latin America Heralds the new day. Every day is a new day. It crows without fail the new dawn. It is clutching on to the symbol of Peace taken from the Hieroglyphics of Egypt found in the Pyramids,3000 years old. The Cock lays eggs symbolizing that everything is possible. Peace is possible.

The world Peace Museum

The idea of the Peace Museum springs from the fact that present day children and youth are unaware and ignorant of the dangers of war, existence of armies, defense expenditures, all linked up with their daily life. War is not a particular time of exchange of gunfire or physical battles. But the value, priority and the practice of human hatred, greed, want possession, killing and destruction. The star war bombs jingle and dangle 2.5 kilograms of dynamite over everybody’s heads on this planet!

Growing a culture of Peace.

The culture of Art is the Culture of Peace. Artists Singers, filmmakers, dancers, photographers have made significant and rich contribution to growing a culture of Peace. War photographers and Journalist risked their lives to chronicle the wars of the world.


Art will bring peace.

The Artist plays a prophetic role in society. The visionary, the dreamer of a new world. The Artists is the prophet.

When social values and anarchy prevailed in a decadent society, there was chaos and moral degradation Moses came down from the mountain With the Ten Commandments, sculpted on stone showing the path to life, that even today holds much truth.